Facebook Chat option is the best way to chat with our friends. You can send your profile picture or other friend’s profile picture through chat instead of using friend’s name. Here is a simple steps to put profile picture in Facebook Chat.

How to send Profile Picture in Facebook Chat:

  • Login to your Facebook Account.
  • Visit the friend’s Profile or Fanpage that want to insert the profile picture.
  • Copy the Username. If don’t have an Username just copy the Profile ID.(Ex:http://www.facebook.com/rajhacker is the url. “hacker” is the Username)
  • Now just type the username or profile id with the following format and hit enter.
How to know profile id
Go to your timeline/profile see the address bar if it looks like
ex - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001418232521 
then  100001418232521  will be your profile id 
If you set your username then , right click on your dp and select Save as ... , but rather than save it you will see a pic is saved by name looks like  211386_100000083410662_2548648_n.jpg
--->  In this case your profile id is 

 or [[fanpage username]] or [[profile ID]]
Ex: [[rajhacker]]  [[100000083410662]]

This is pretty good option. We can use this option for using name in the Facebook chat field.

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