Researchers at the University of Technology, Sydney have developed a keyboard that lets users type faster on touchscreen devices like the iPad.

Primary inventor Christian Sax and co-inventor Hannas Lau recently developed a prototype of the LiquidKeyboard for an iPad. The software is essentially a virtual keyboard that appears underneath a user's fingertips, corresponding to hand size and finger positions. The system works by sensing the position of the user's fingers and creating a fluid, Qwerty keyboard underneath. The keyboard also responds to position and pressure. LiquidKeyboard Christian Sax

"We tried to adapt the everyday way of touch typing with a physical keyboard and move it over to the touchscreen... that's where it started off," Sax told ZDNet UK's sister site ZDNet Australia. LiquidKeyboard was intended to operate on a pressure-sensitive surface, but current touchscreen technology lacks this functionality. To compensate, the team is employing a "pseudo-touch-sensitivity" system that uses the surface areas of fingertips to give indications of pressure.

By Zdnet.

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