There are many softwares through which you can see yur hardware and software details but can you imagine that you have already that software embedded in windows that’s right  to see how it works ?
Follow the steps

For opening cmd   goto<<Start<<All Programmes<<Accesories<<Comand Prompt

0. net user username anypass
Hack any user sccount in windows,where username is like given in your account james,lily etc
and anypass is new pass of your choice ,it will overwrite previous password that is provided by the user

1. systeminfo

This command, shows you following details:
Host Name
OS Name
OS Version
OS Manufacturer
OS Configuration
OS Build Type

Registered Owner etc


Get Installed Driver Information


information about your network connection and IP address 

4.subst W: C:\Windows 
Shows you one additional drive on my computer ,after written this command open my computer and you will see
One drive named W: and by open it you will see the data of windows folder present in  C:\
It is also a kind of trick for making foolish to your friends because this command is not so popular  and you can create so many drives like
 subst  L:  C:\Program files  will create L: drive
For deleting them  type   SUBST W: /d and hit enter
 Type again  to remove other drives that you wish to create  like   SUBST L: /d 

List All Tasks Running On The Computer

Get the list of files and their memory usage in current folder

Clears current working screen of MS DOS)

View or change current date of system

View or change current time of system

10.Rename old new 
Rename a file

Get the current DOS version

Create folder like type md ram   and hit enter  folder named ram created

remove folder like type rd ram   and hit enter  folder named ram deleted

Remove folder including all sub folders and files  like deltree foldername

View or change disk’s label name ,example Label c:

Format the Hard Disk or pen drive,example  format  drivename: and hit enter

Run disk check on Hard Disk or Floppy Disk for errors

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  1. have you heard about term script kiddies? Are you trying to be one? If you do want to be a hacker, try to get back to my website from this comment. And BTW, you can press windows key + r to open the run dialog box, enter cmd and hit enter to open command prompt. Lay hands on some Linux distro, start with Ubuntu or Mint. I will come back to see your reaction. Ciao for now

  2. listen first i am posting this for begginer level alrite
    that i know better than u how yo open cmd through run but i tell them briefly to not confuse and i also knew that the correct configurations of network seen throuhgh linux,backtrack os