How to Get Facebook Email Address

Facebook is updating itself with new features in which it will give email addresses to users ,at this time facebook email id is not open to everyone ,you have to request invitation.In order to get a invite to this new service you need to visit following link where in you would be asked to click on the ‘Request Invite’ button.


if you are lucky you will get the email id as soon as possible .Please note that Your email address will match your public username, for example:


Then your email address will be


If you don’t have a username you can go here to get or click below

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  1. Great article thanks for giving us web tricks

  2. how can i make my fb id.. i am not understanding snd me the link please so that i can make my account.

  3. please snd us the link so that we can make our account

  4. Listen you should make username first
    i.e yourname

    And then go to this link for sending invitation to facebook he will give you email by your username ,but they will provide you in few days not instant

    I got mine