Alright we often use many ways to reveal office password i.e keyloggers etc but what for that which can not be reveal by keyloggers thats true ,but no need to worry because i am going to another software which is easy to use and useful to reveal.For securing the documents, we often protect documents with passwords. For security reasons, we give a different password on every document, so that often we store the event data that is too secure to our own can not open it because of forgotten password.
To overcome this, we can use a password reminder software. One who we can use the software isFree Word / Excel Password Recovery.
How to use the software is quite easy opening passwords, which are:
  1. Determine the file MS word / excel password will be searched in the tab “select the file
  2. Dictionary * Select the tab you want to use “dictionary recovery.” This Dictionary will help to find a password from the words that are stored in this dictionary. Click Next.
  3. Click on the tab of brute-force recovery, specify the characters that you might use in their password. Determine the approximate length of the password you use. Try rangenya do not be too long because of the combination will be more numerous and the process is too long. Better little by little. Click Next
  4. Thats it you have done.

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