A new Facebook scam is in place these days and it’s called “omg … people visited my profile so far … : )”. I’m getting tired of all these Facebook viruses and scams, but like said, they’re not going to end anytime soon.
If you don’t want to become a victim of a Facebook scam, then you should smarten up. Be cool and use your brain. Do not click on suspicious links. Do not click on links which say the amount of people who’ve visited your profile, who’s your top stalkers, and who visited your profile the most.

You probably noticed that Facebook is OK with these kinds of apps and they’re not going to do anything to remove them. Even if Facebook will do the right thing and remove the omg … people visited my profile so far … : ) scam, many more will show up pretty soon and that’s why you have to be more clever than these guys.

This Facebook virus claims that you can see which friends visited your profile, how many times, and that you just have to click on this link. The picture above shows how the app works and how it will show up on your Facebook wall. The name and photo of my friend have been “covered” due to obvious reasons.
If one of your Facebook friends is tricked into clicking on this link, then the app will access his information and your information, too. Also your friend’s single click will allow the app to post a link on all of his friends even if they’ve disabled their apps.
That’s the sad part of Facebook – even if you don’t share any information with other people and that only some of your friends can see your entire profile and photos, Facebook has your details and the Facebook apps can access your information.
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  1. How can you remove this if you have it??

  2. You take it another way ,it infect your profile and ofcourse ,your friends network best way to not click to these type of
    spam on facebook