Samsung has today issued some data about its Galaxy S II Android phone, claiming that, around the world, three million of the hot new mobile phones have been ordered in by retailers as of the end of April.
That sounds like a lot. We can only count up to about 1000 before getting bored. Here’s a woman in the Galaxy S II factory:
galaxy s 2 pre-orders
What a great photo. She’s wearing gloves with one finger missing for checking the touchscreens. And she can do two at once. Or maybe one’s a special reference model she compares the others against? So many more questions than answers.
Here’s the announcement. It comes via the Korean office, so is a little bit oddly worded:

Samsung Galaxy S2 Has Reached the Mark of 3,000,000 Pre-orders Globally
Samsung Electronics’ flagship smartphone Galaxy S II is becoming a global buzzword right after its release. Samsung Electronics said that its newest smartphone Galaxy S ll has reached 3,000,000 pre-orders globally as of the end of April.

The number of the pre-orders seems very likely to increase as Galaxy S ll is planned to release in 120 countries by some 140 carriers. IT product review channel Engadget praised Galaxy S II as “the best Android smartphone yet, but more importantly, it might well be the best smartphone.” Another IT channel Slashgear also reviewed that Galaxy S II’s 4.3 Inch Super AMOLED Plus is the most advanced OLED Panel technology.

Officials at Samsung Electronics mentioned that “There are quite a few demands in some countries to ask for preferred orders for the supply of Galaxy S II,“ adding that “We will do our utmost best to ensure that all the global demands should be met as quickly as possible.”

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