Facebook has provided the perfect platform for game developers to launch massive social multi-player games.
Just a few of the many amazing Facebook games stats is that over 56 million people play Facebook games every single day!
The reason for this is that Facebook games are a lot of fun to play, either with your very own circle of friends, or with new friends from all over the world.
Here are five of the most fun games available for free now on Facebook.

Word Challenge

Facebook Games: Five of The BestAre you a word freak? Does playing scrabble get you excited. Then Word Challenge by Playfish might be for you.
The objective of this game is simple. You get 6 letters out of which you have to construct as many words as you can within a given time. 3- letter words are of course many and you’ll be rewarded points for finding them. But the bonus and crown points are for 4 , 5 and 6-letter words. They give you points and more time.
One reason for addiction to this game is their ratings. They have a character corresponding to a range of points. So the lowest score will generate an infant character implying your low vocabulary strength.
Give Word Challenge a play and find out what characters await your word prowess!

Texas Hold’em Poker

Facebook Games: Five of The Best
This game by Zynga has made poker a household name.  Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular game on Facebook.
Groups of unknown people can play poker on the Internet without worrying about losing actual money!
Though this on line version of the game negates the personal touch of the game and concepts such as a “poker face” it has still caught on with thousands of Facebook users.
Texas Hold’em is a fun game of poker to be won purely relying on intuition and calculated risks.

Mafia Wars

Facebook Games: Five of The Best
Get your own gang of mafia and use them to run your business. Inspired no doubt by the iconic godfather, this game lets you make strategies and build your own mafia from scratch.
Hoard up money, loot others, and find ways to increase your assets and find jobs to be done for the bigger dons.
Think like the head of mafia and you will climb faster on this ladder. Mafia Wars is truly social as you are dependent on the advice of more experienced players to advance in this game.


Facebook Games: Five of The Best
The game that took the social world by storm is still very widely played.
Sow your crops and time their harvest perfectly. Also earn brownie points for helping your neighbors. Milk your cows and sheer your sheep to get a hoard of goods to barter for money.
The variety of crops , the extra points for good maintenance and just looking at the little guy harvesting your crops will keep you hooked to this game for more than 50 levels at least.

Facebook Games: Five of The Best
A new venture by Zynga gets you building a whole city.
Neighbors are crucial as they serve as your crew for all community buildings that you need.
All ex-farmville players will rejoice that goods can be made by sowing and harvesting crops.
Collect rent from the tenants in your houses and supply goods to the businesses that you setup. The best part of this game is the goal setting strategy followed by Zynga.
They set certain goals which will fuel the advancement of your city and new goals stir you to complete them and thus take your city to higher levels. Keep your people happy, catch bandits, and find collectibles which will give you extra goodies to help your city grow.
After a very long stint with Poker and Farmville, I am currently addicted to Cityville and Word Challenge. What is your favorite game on Facebook?

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