After fetching android operating system bio, i think it is a very enjoyable device for geeks and hackers who can root their device to any operating system whether it is Nokia's symbian , apple's ios or android other kernel release version

As i am beginner to fetch android so i have taken post from

After numerous tests I have noticed that the firmware as they were happening also to improve the performance and functionality of the phone. The Galaxy Ace greatly enhances Gingerbread with 2.3.3, just think of the video camera that can record three times larger. Samsung then thought of doing great things in releasing this version 2.3.4 .
I remind everyone that this is an unofficial version can be installed through Odin, follow instructions carefully and dont miss any step
Disclaimer: Follow this Guide on your risk and if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process, we are not responsible.
Requirements to start:
  1. Download needed drivers for your pc from here and install them
  2. Download Odin Multi Downloader v4.38 from  here
  3. Download : Android 2.3.4 update file from here
    Password :
  4. Charge your phone battery at least 80% and using a Full charged laptop is better
  5. Uninstall KIES and disable firewall and antivirus in windows.

Instruction on How to Update Galaxy Ace to Android 2.3.4 gingerbread

(I)  Now you have everything we need, now you need to go and set Odin on PC.
  1. Extract the firmware . RAR file  in a folder
  2. install drivers on PC
  3. Run Odin Multi Downloader v4.38.exe [Right click on it and run it as administrator , if you are using windows 7]
  4. Tick the check boxes ‘Auto Reboot’ & ‘Protect OPS’ [see image below]
  5. Click on OPS and select the .Ops file
  6. Click on BOOT and select the file called  APBOOT
  7. Click on PHONE and select the file called MODEM
  8. Click on PDA and select the file called CODE
  9. Click on CSC and select a file called CSC

    WARNING: Do not select anything in EFS
    (II) Now we are ready to start update
    1. Boot your phone in download mode via pressing Middle Key(OK Key) +Volume Down Key and while holding both press power on key
    2. Now you can connect your phone to  PC via USB cable
    Note: Don’t proceed if you are unable to put your phone in Download Mode
    1. When you will connect your phone to PC, you will see in Odin first box from left will turn yellow and in message box, it shows ADDED. this mean your phone is connected successfully
    2. Press START in Odin and it will start upgrading process
    This process will take several minutes, don’t disconnect or stop this process otherwise you will have a dead Galaxy ACE
    let the phone reboots itself and after it you can disconnect, congratulations you have installed latest android 2.3.4 Gingerbread firmware successfully.
    Go to settings and at end about Phone , check Android operating system version its 2.3.4

    Clearing cache data:

    During flashing process , some cache data is stored on your phone, so we have to clear it -
    1. Boot your phone in recovery mode by Pressing and holding Middle key and while holding it presspower on key
    2. your phone will boot in recovery mode and you will see a menu with some options ,
    3. select Wipe data/factory reset and select Wipe Cache partition
    4. Now reboot your system by selecting reboot system now.

      After reboot language will be change , Don't panic just go to settings and find option under sd card icon , it is called locale n text and just change your language.

      Any doubt free to ask !

      Guyz it is 100 % working , test it and i am enjoying android 2.3.4 version

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