Ethical Hacking has just made a new backdoor to arrive at same place. Raj Karan , hacker same designation but working with different organization.It is late to announce but powerfully explode you to introduce with Cyber Ethical Hackers Society.After having skill experience i start this organization. And of course International Genesis Hackers Crew is still alive with mine position over there i.e Director,INDIA

Cyber Ethical Hackers Society has coined a mark in the Corporate industry. Based on their knowledge and experience we are able to organize seminars/workshops for educational organizations as such as also for various organizations.

Tremendous hard work of our security professionals Raj Karan and Rajan Kohli who had a passion to exceed their knowledge skill for delivering value to this metro world where we live.

Our Cyber Professionals :-

Raj Karan, Founder and Vice President – no security is better and effecient , if it is then we can’t see new innovations in it

Rajan Kohli, President and Co Founder – The opposite of security is insecurity, and the only way to overcome insecurity is to take risks.

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