Secure your Facebook account:

1. Create a strong password that consists of letters, numbers, and symbols. Something that you could commit to memory. Ex. L0v3-H0p3-P34c3!

2. Dont write your password down anywhere and be cautious when typing in your password to see that know one is looking over your shoulder.

3. Have a strong security question. One that a Hacker would not be able to find on your profile, be able to look up, or see on your relatives profile.

4. Have strong security questions for emails like "What is your mother maiden name" to avoid those being hacked and your Facebook password reset.

5. Have 2 Emails and your Phone Number connected to your account in case one of your emails is compromised.

6. Do not have any accounts directly linked to facebook. As in if that account logs on you are automatically logged into Facebook.

7. Turn on login approvals. This requires you to enter a 6 digit # to gain access to your Facebook if you log in from unrecognized area. You would be virtually impossible to hack unless the hacker has your phone.

8. Hide your email address associated with your Facebook profile to even prevent people from getting any ideas.

9. Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo etc. Will never contact you asking you for your password so dont give it out.

10. Always check the URL you are on before you ever log into a social networking account or email. 

11. When you are using a public Wifi network or Wifi Network you do not complete trust turn On HTTPS under Account Security to prevent packet sniffing. 

12. Change your password every 2-3 months on most major accounts just as a security precaution. 

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