As hackers yummy operating system is backtrack , synonymously our favorite browser is Mozilla Firefox. Now some know intentionally or unintentionally that their information is shared with advertisers as according to Google new policy . But don't be afraid because Mozilla fix a issue regarding it by launching a new add on by which you can see who is tracing or watching you for adds.

Mozilla has unveiled a new feature in its Firefox browser which will let users know who is spying on them on the Internet. This is a new add-on which enables the users to instantly view which companies are watching them as they browse.

Mozilla said that this new Collusion add-on in Firefox will enable the users to 'pull back the curtain' on Web advertising firms and other third parties that track people's online movements.

It is worth mentioning here that Google has earned $28 billion from its AdWords service in 2010. The new privacy policy from Google allows the company to 'streamline' data from Android phones, YouTube, Gmail and Web browsing, which will help it target its advertisements even more precisely towards individual Web users.

via EFY

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