Now what is actually utorrent ,actually it is like as download manager which helps in downloading  the content from websites.It also give you way to download the files in parts i.e 20% download complete today and remaining in coming days.

Torrent is a big platform to grab everything free ,yes that's true no matter it is Softwares,Movies,Songs,Tv Shows,Videos,etc.Precisely saying a big market comprising all things.

Download and Install the uTorrent Client

  • Go to and click the "Download" button.
  • Install the program. If you downloaded the stand-alone version, extract the executable to a preferred location on your computer.
  • Run uTorrent, It is best to maximize the program window if it does not begin in maximized form. This way you can more easily view the large amounts of information the program displays.

Download Torrent Files

  • Browse to a site  that serves torrent files and peruse their list to find a file you want to download.
  • 2.It shows you categories which you want to select,now click on any one you liked,or goto search and write the content -software,movies,pc games,Tv shows,music etc 
  • 3.For example you typed Need for Sped Shift Unleashed 2 ,then you will get so many links ,no need to worry just select link between first three links and see if it is verified i.e it has green right tick mark on right side.
  • 4.One more thing ,if it is game then it would be in 4- 5 gbs never select 300 -700 mb for it ,thats not full version may be it is fake
  • 5.Now after clicking reqired link ,there will again so many links,  i.e called servers.Never click on direct download or fast download ,now select or link because these sites mostly have orignal data 
  • Click the link Download torrent
  • Download via torrent-
    that provides you with the .torrent file. This file type will be recognized by uTorrent if you've set the option for it to do so. If it is not opened automatically by uTorrent, then save the .torrent file to your hard drive.

  • Run uTorrent from desktop and select the .torrent file you saved in the previous step. The download item should appear in the main window. Now dowloading start you can see in tray icon i.e at place near time. A "u" icon double click it and you can see the downloading.

Categories after selecting

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