Microsoft’s search engine Bing announced that they will start integrating like data into search results.
I have not noticed Facebook like data in bing searches yet, but I imagine it will take some time for this data to be integrated as there is undoubtedly billions of “likes” to process.
About 25 Billion Pieces of content are created on Facebook every single day.
Here are three powerful search engines that attempt to make it easier to find cool content from Facebook that is available for the entire web.

Social Mention

3 Powerful Facebook Search Engines

Social Mention is a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information.
It allows you to easily track and measure what people are saying about you, your company, a new product, or any topic across the web’s social media landscape in real-time. Social Mention monitors 100+ social media properties directly including: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc.

Social Mention offers Social Media Alerts

Social Mention alerts is like Google Alerts but for social media.
Receive free daily email alerts of your brand, company, CEO, marketing campaign, or on a developing news story, a competitor, or the latest on a celebrity.


3 Powerful Facebook Search Engines

Openbook is a search engine that has a problem with Facebook privacy controls.  Personally I find Facebook privacy controls pretty easy to manage, but they have also evolved since openbook first emerged.
Nonetheless openbook provides a pretty decent search engine that allows you to filter results by gender.
Here’s openbooks issue with Facebook privacy, in case you were wondering.
Facebook’s bait-and-switch on privacy and their overly complex settings cause many users to post messages intended for their friends to ‘everybody’.
That’s the entire planet, for all time. This privacy-malfunction could have serious consequences if you’re looking for a job, applying for college, or trying to get medical insurance.


3 Powerful Facebook Search Engines

Archivedbook is a great way to review your Facebook profile’s history!
  • View all the old wall messages from your Facebook friends.
  • View all your old status updates.
  • Check how many likes and comments got posted on your profile since the last 30 days.
  • …and you can also view the same data about your friends!
You can click on the Connect button and start remembering your Facebook past.

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