Most of my friends wanted to know about how to boot their system from a USB drive like a pen drive. Well this is simple in cases in the system having the option of booting in theBIOS but the thing is that earlier systems didn’t have any such option. So it would not be possible for the systems without any option of booting from USB in the BIOS.
Here is an important utility that can make your USB drive bootable so that you can installany OS from the USB drive if you don’t have a CD drive installed in your system. The tool is called Plop Boot Manager which is a simple and small program that can be used to make USB bootable.
The boot manager has a built-in IDE CD-ROM and USB driver to access these without the help/need of BIOS. You can boot the operating systems from hard disk, floppy, CD/DVD or from USB. You can start the boot manager from floppy, CD, network and there are many more ways to start the boot manager. You can install the boot manager on your hard disk. There is no extra partition required for the boot manager.

The tool works great even if your system doesn’t have any option of booting from the BIOS. So in case you want to make your drive bootable and/or want to install an OS from the removable drive, then do try this.

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  1. But you' ve not tell us how to call for the program from Flash drive after downloading it. i.e howdo you run it? John

  2. Simple as same as bootable disc it will make pen drive bootable.