Facebook Face Recognition
Facebook Face Recognition

Facebook had rolled out Face Recognition for photos uploaded by you or your friends. This feature suggests your friends to tags you in a photo when they upload a photo which has a face resembling that of yours. This feature uses your existing tagged photos and your uploaded photos to gauge who looks exactly how and tags them accordingly in newly uploaded photos. Facebook gives the uploader suggestions to tag when the cursor is hovered over your face.
This can be a boon or bane depending on the users privacy option. Hence facebook has added a opt out of the feature for users concerned with privacy breach. But not all of us know of the opt out and we are kept silent about the feature.
This post will show you how to opt out and disable automatic face recognition for your photos.
  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. Click Account > Privacy Settings.
  3. In the Sharing on Facebook section, click on Customize Settings.
  4. Scroll down to Suggest Photos of Me to Friends and click Edit Settings.
  5. Choose Disable in the Drop down list.
This will also stop the unwanted tagging of your photos in many applications which use your profile pictures. Apps like Friend Meter etc etc.
Also take time to review other privacy settings in the page and make sure you dont set your personal informations to be visible to Everyone.

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