Amid the abundance of nearly indistinguishable Android tablets out there right now, we’re actually excited for Sony’s S1 and S2 tablets, which have interesting form factors and a Playstation pedigree. In April we heard they’d be getting a global release “this fall,” and that appears to be true, as Engadget has received information that the tablets would be available for pre-orders in August and ship by late September, at least in Europe.


The second tablet – the S2 – sports two displays, each measuring 5.5-inches with a resolution of 1024×480. The two displays can be combined to be used as one large display for web browsing etc. The tablet can also be folded, so as to make it portable. The Sony S2 is like the bigger version of the Kyocera Echo.
Sony has also modified the UI of the tablet to their liking, and integrated ‘Qriocity’ with it. Both the tablets are also PlayStation Certified, which means users will have access to Sony Ericsson’s PS Suite for a variety of PS1 and PS2 games.
According to Sony, the S1 can also control majority of their home entertainment devices including AV devices, thanks to Infrared. The S1 and the S2 are the codenames of the ‘Sony tablet’, and Sony will be assigning these tablets a new name before it’s launched sometime this fall.

May be due to brand value, sony raise their product's cost let see will sony will able to ios devices and ofcourse their relatives other android devices- Samsung, Motorola,dell,acer etc

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