After so much time when i back to facebook blog to read about future plannings of facebook. I get to see the 
new future facebook music sharing .It is very interesting and unique feature of social networking site initiated by facebook.

How it work ?
Look for the music note in the chat sidebar to see which of your friends are listening to music. To listen with a friend, hover over their name, and click the Listen With button. The music will play through the service your friend is using.

When a new song plays, you'll come along for the ride, discovering new music while your friend DJs for you.You'll also have the option to chat about what you're listening to.  As other people start listening along, they'll join the party in a group chat.

Service Available for these countries now by SPOTIFY music service
Finland  |  France  |  Norway  |  Netherlands  |  Spain |  Sweden | United Kingdom |United States
But not available for all countries because music sharing website associated with facebook presenting 
some countries and will soon startup worldwide as soon as possible.

For learn more and discussions go to facebook blog 

via facebook blog

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