Connecting with Android from past time i am enjoying Google's Robot in a very energize way and it never disappoints me yet. Google is making all attempts to make Android a part of our life in every possible way. After smartphones, tablets, TVs, watches and even shoes, you will soon be having a new entertainment device from Google.

1.Android TV
2.Android Lights
3.Android Shoes
4,Android Refrigerator
5.Android Gym Machines
6.Android watches

Now the thinking arises , why Shoes, Gym Machines and lights powered with Android. Let me tell you the all lights , machines are controlled by with your mobile/tablet and past your time in suitable way rather than approximation.

For example if you are running on Treadmill then you would connect your android phone/tablet to machine and you will enjoy gaming experience on screen and you will see how much calories you have burned during playing game.

Same case with Shoes ,especially with Nike shoes which has Nike+ technology which connects to android phone and your tells your stepping distance notification on mobile and tablet.

For relative interested keep watch below video , i suggest you to see from half part if you want eager to know what are future developments on process by Android.

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