Raj Karan and Rajan Kohli

A pursuit of happiness come from surroundings by holding me on their hands with cup of tea. A big response from this news tag shouts me to do more and more work to achieve a dead end goal which is still alive .

By this interview Raj Karan that is me ofcourse and Rajan Kohli expressed security report on smart phones hacking and more over social networking security shield for you to defend from imitators . I believe that if you have a knowledge of hacking or destroying any one else than rather than pushing a victim in dark pit why not we hold someone's snoring hand to get him/her on better platform . No matter to which platform that being is capable of but a warm welcome always ready to serve them .

As social network is full of big rascals ,frauds who have no courage of rubbing their hard work and always are in state of robing innocents who have no such knowledge of Cyber Crime but have earned from their work bucks.I hate that people and prepare start ups for them to capture them in my hacking spider to show them the real daddy.

Keep on reading my life , i have experienced lot of burns and wish same for you because after that healing makes you remember that achievement is only possible if you hurted.

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