Long moment ago, yes this time this is such a long moment . Welcome again Raj Karan  for extracting juices of hack that were collected in my mind for long.

Well coming to point i was doing research on api of facebook and still going on but what i get is interesting which is not developed by me ofcourse , but i am sharing with you from my bloody resources.

Eager to see the message of your annoying friend without letting him know by blocking seen by and typing feature in facebook.

There is chrome extension that will do it for you called

We should block this url to stop accessing seen option

Follow the simple steps:

1. Go to link and Add to chrome.
2. Below Picture just click on Free to downlaod

3. After installing just pop up facebook and switch ON Block "seen" and Block "is typing" mentioned below figure.

4. This will make your chatting experience in facebook more interesting when your friend fails to watch "seen" and "is typing" from your side in his/her chat .But you can see his typing and seen .

5. That's it happy hacking hours . As it is nothing too complex but to install extension of chrome but my little hackers want to know so from my side i probably mentioned each and everything as i can.

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