Hey readers i am back with my other profession as Android Application Developer.  Last weekend passed with very fortunate experience and obviously the event is all about discussion of API and a whole new concept of using cloud services. Shephertz is one of the sponsor to offer back-end  services for app development - android,apple and almost every platform described in their website.

Moreover there are many speakers speaks for Google Technologies - Google App  Engine ,  Android Security and many more. Well of course API plays a vital role in programmer's life i.e to stress out all the back end work of database and tracking of overall performance carried out in application.

Moreover Cherry on cake discussed there are:

1) Android Security
2) Google's App Engine
3) Usage of API offered by Shephertz and Gaana.com
4) Android 4.3 features
5) Android scaleability
Well enjoy some clicks at Google Office Gurgaon.

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