Starts with an idea thinking from two weeks makes every step challengeable for me. But who cares I have to spend my leisure to make my  mind offer by using rest of lore in my mind. I have made it YES ! finally one blazing app on the Play Store called Whats Your Status.

             Android Market Link:                                                                                                    Blackberry Market Link:

App Description:

4 Section Features :

- Status Outfits : Include 17 regularly updated status categories
- Status of the Day : In this , everyday status will change with your name.
- Share your status : Your Status and your Name can be popular in Status Of the Day section. All you need to send your name, status and also email so that we inform your Status Day.
- Connect with Developer : Know the developer and give feedback of application to make it more better and user friendly.

Internal Features :

- Contain Copy button with voice support feedback
- Status updated daily on the basis of clicks

Worked with :

- Internet Mode
- Portrait Mode

Mobile Application Section

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