This is serious bit topic these days that what steps we should take to secure our data if we have no antivirus and not even updated antivirus.

And if it exist, how long it will take to scan the data say if there is need of 2 Gb Data from source i.e computer /laptop so there is need to scan 500 Gb of Hard Disk data first by laptop/computer user so that he/she secure from the virus that you are carrying with your hard drive unintentionally so scanning whole hard drive is typically time consuming job.


1. First when you connect your hard drive or pen drive the Removable Disk will appear on  your My 

2.  Now if you have no antivirus solution then its ok and if you have then your stupid antivirus will
     give you suggestion to scan it , say big NO to him.

3. Now if you see below figure your removable disk is shown in My Computer window.

4. Now go to start menu and see the Control Panel and see the Folder Options in it and select it like
    below figure.

 5. Now in below figure just select View tab and in Advanced settings: you will see Hidden files and      folders and there are options you have to disable in next step.

6. Now in this step, we show hidden files ,folders and drive and untick the below options shown in
    below figure.

7.Now open the My Computer and you will see the Removable Disk. Now Don't double click on
   Removable Drive (port (I:)) to open it as shown in below figure.

8. Just open it from left side port (I:) under The Pc tab by single click and you see the autorun.inf file that's it just delete it permanently by pressing Ctrl+Shift from keyboard.

9. You have successfully deleted it , you can also delete Recycle Bin folder it contains junk files
     which increase your free space in drive.

10. Last if you see any suspicious file that is not in your knowledge just delete it permanently .

11. Now you can copy your data into drive and copy any data from drive.

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