This is all about the social network where we are surfing and sharing. From my point of view i think surfing social network is the biggest reason to see what is happening in someone's life i.e is he/she in relationship,hanging around,likes ,dislikes and blub blub blub...

But doing all the social activity, sometimes we are interested in gathering private information of friend/enemy. So how we can do this ? Answer lies within the social network. We have username but have no password , now how to crack it ? what guess should be apply to crack it ? . 

Is all running in the attacker's mind . And obsession of doing these falls us into big dark well where falling in it is an easy job but hard for us to crawl up.

Today Millions of websites and softwares are offerinig to hack Facebook password of any account ?
They'd ask you the victim's profile ID,  his/her credentials and also interested in yours. And for sure like you know lunches are never free so add money factor too.

They need some time in which they will send you the password which will never work throughout your whole life.

You know why?

Reason is clear, that Being obsessive to hack the account  users lost their intelligence level and hackers wanted to piss you by taking your id information which will be used by them somewhere and last not least your bank card details coz obviously you did payment by debit/credit cards.

Fake Software Examples

Why they make software or Online Websites for Hacking facebook account ?

1. They need your credit card details so that they also shop on e commerce websites by your money.
2. They need your information i.e name,city ,age ,even sometime your Govt approved card -license , passport etc for illegal purposes.
3. Making such softwares like Facebook hack Password is 100 % fake , you downlaod it and it infects your laptop/Pc by virus/Trojans.

What they will do with  your information ?

Well it is simple , your information is beneficial for me , they can buy sim card and anything that requires ID proof and use it in unethical way whose circumstances is handled by you not by them.

So Hacking facebook Account is not possible ?

No it IS, but approach is different , there are many professional hackers in the world who are all day and night busy in coding and networking to break the security and access the sensitive information i.e username and passwords of social networks and Email accounts. But everyone is not capable of doing this job but they do adapt other ways of hacking i.e is phishing , Remote Administration Tools , Social Engineering etc.

Fake Online Website for Hacking facebook password

What not to do ?

1. Never ever click those ads that show you Hack facebook password.

2. Never ever click for that websites that will ask for victim's email to hack and some money.

3. Avoid messages like - You are lucky you can hack the facebook account . Never click on 
    Yes/No/Cancel button , just click on x button and close that dialog box.

4. Never ever download Facebook hacking software  because no software is born who will ask you 
    victim email and get you his/her password. If you saw on youtube or somewhere they are totally 
    100 % fake to impress you like TELESHOPP ads .


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