Its a utorrent file :

1. First Download and install utorrent 
2. Go to : Dragon Age 2

Now this is a .iso file ,burn it on dvd by using nero or run it by using alcohal 120 %

Ok First u need to hav a image of a FIle . Images are actually CD exact copies. To run them u dun need a cd drive but instead we can Emulate them . U can download Emulators such as

Deamon tools
Alcohol 120%

Daemon tools is one of my preffered emulator coz its not resource eater. So i will tell u how to mount image in Daemon tools

What are Images?
Images are of the format .nrg, iso, .cue,.bin. These are the plpular image files.

Run Daemon Tools after Installing. An icon wil appear in the toolbar. Right click on the icon There will be an option to mount image. Click on the Mount image and navigate to the image files and select them . Once mounted the CD will autoplay.

Thts all Now u have emulated a drive or a Virtual Drive. Any comments are welcome..

Info of Game:

Dragon Age II is a single player role-playing game (RPG) for play on the PC
Epic sequel to the BioWare developed 2009 Game of the Year, Dragon Age
Origins, Dragon Age II continues the adventure with a new hero, Hawke, and
utilizes the choices made by the player to affect a story that spans ten
years worth of time in-game. Additional game features include: the ability
to choose your character's class and sex, a new cinematic ingame experience,
a nonlinear narrative and the ability to import saved information from
earlier Dragon Age games

2. Burn or mount the image
3. Install the game. Use the keygen in the Crack dir when prompted for a
4. Copy over the cracked content from the Crack dir on the DVD to your
installbinship dir
5. Play the game
6. Support the software developers.

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