You see a long time friend online on Facebook. You chat and catch up on the time gone. But there isn't anything that would match a personal touch like voice or a live image of the person. While several modern apps make it free or economical to contact your loved ones around the globe, what they require from you and your friend is to be on the same platform/app. So the way you have been able to chat with that same friend of yours is because you both are online on Facebook and hence the communication. Similar is the case with any other video calling app or chat client or IM or anything similar. 

However, a new app called JaJah for Android lets you make voice calls to your Facebook friends even if they are not using the same app.

You can make free voice calls to that online Facebook friend of yours without even keying-in his/her number. Just tap the person on Facebook chat whom you want to speak to and they will receive an IM containing a link to a voice call. Click and you can start talking! 

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